XP11 Carenado C208B


This was done on Twitch for the first time with the new ADX team! We decided to stream live a review to get community interaction. Review was done and flown by Matt Bromback with the assistance of Derek Vento on the stream also.

NEW RATING SYSTEM on first trial in this review.

Moving forward ADX will use a 3 tier rating system to help bring more insight into why a aircraft or scenery get’s its rating. We have decided on 3 major categories:

  • Entertainment Value – This rating applies to how entertaining the aircraft or scenery is to use. At the end of the day does the product allow you to enjoy what it was designed to accomplish. Can you successfully complete a flight from point A to B. This does not take into account realism, flight dynamics, avionics, etc…It is strictly how fun the airplane is to fly, or how fun the scenery makes to fly into that airport.
  • Realism – This is going to be the most critical area that our review team will face. Basically we will use real world pilot knowledge on general aircraft systems, flight dynamics, avionics, etc… It will be very very hard for a aircraft on flightsim to get a 10/10 but we hope we find one!
  • Price Value – We take into account the past 2 categories and compare it to the price of the product.

Here is a video recording of the entire review. We did a 25 minute flight from KVNY to L45 using FSEconomy to try and use the product in a realistic environment for the caravan. Please take a look!

Overall Score:

Full PointFull PointFull PointFull PointNo Point

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