Is The Jump To 64bit Useless Without FSUIPC?

I say this because it is a jump many may have to be prepared to live without. Which speaking from yours truly, I absolutely can not. So why the question in the first place? Because it's come to my attention from multiple sources that Pete Dawson may not be willing to take the necessary steps to adapt FSUIPC into 64bit architecture which from what I understand would be a very extensive process some of which may even require starting from scratch. Now I am unofficially aware of the current status of P3Dv4 (I say unofficially because there is nothing I can openly share other than the fact that it's widely known it's  a 64bit platform) and we are all aware Flight Sim World early access is only about a week away which absolutely will NOT utilize FSUIPC which means many  third party addons will be broken. 

Now in regards to other addons and the relation to x64, in many cases, developers will go back and either make necessary updates or introduce all new versions of older products better optimized for the 64bit architecture. And in cases like that of RealAir Simulations, you may have to simply say goodbye or be prepared for multiple versions of P3D alongside XPlane, FSW, AFS etc. as indeed this may be a new way of life we may have to adapt to. But that said, there are simply certain addons we simply cant live without that may be a big enough of a deal not to even bother with 64bit at all. This is not speaking for everyone but certainly many people and as it pertains to FSUIPC, may be a deal breaker.

But looking on the opposite end of the hedge, DCS is a serious sim that does not incorporate FSUIPC and people are quite happy with that although there is far more to interact with in FSX/P3D than DCS.

Now when I first discovered FSUIPC and project Magenta a thousand years ago, back in 2005 to be exact, I couldn't even begin to wrap my head around what exactly the hell it was or what it was supposed to do until the day came when I first needed it back in 2009. And as of right now, with all the devices I use to interface with FS, I absolutely unequivocally can NOT move forward without FSUIPC. For fun facile flying in AeroflyFS2 this is fine for now but for the serious simming in P3D, i'd be screwed without it and even more so for home cockpit builders that have a million plus more devices interfacing with the simulator. I love Pete Dawson and I really hope he has made millions on his inventions for FS that everyone from people like me simming in our underwear to major flight schools and everyone in-between that depend on it. But the bottom like is this, and disagree with me if you wish, but there is little point to a 64bit sim without FSUIPC for serious simmers.

And yes, I know the XPlane folks out there are likely calling bullshit on this but no matter how you approach it, this is a serious issue which leaves the question, what if at all might Pete allow to his products? Could he be willing to either sell or license his addons to third parties to make the necessary changes? Or might he go the way of Earth Simulations and RealAir and bow out altogether or simply stick with 32bit support... I can only link to one statement that Pete has made recently but his statement is not really all that clear:

But my overall understanding is, neither P3Dv4 x64 nor FSW will have FSUIPC. So what happens now? Anyone with more information feel free to chime in or correct me where I may be wrong...

A sort of update here. Let's see what happens when Pete returns from vacation. Jeez this guy goes on vacation a lot!