FSDT F18 Ground Radar Released.


FSX. This utility will enable a Ground Radar Mode for the default F/A-18 included in the FSX Acceleration Pack, FSX Gold Edition or FSX Steam Edition. It can be used with both the default F/A-18, or any other 3rd party airplane that uses the F-18 Gauges as part of its instrumentation. The Ground radar mode can be used to "target"AI vehicles and airplanes on ground that don't move. This is the opposite of the default Air-to-Air mode, which only targets flying objects that move. The controls on the DDI can be used to change the range and aperture of the scanning area, and to cycle Up/Down between targets. The Ground Radar Mode is accessed using an hotkey, which by default is mapped to TAB+G, but it can be easily changed to any other key combination, using the "Key Mapping" option of the "Couatl powered products", like in GSX. Thanks to Jordan King for the tipoff.