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AirDailyX’s Weekly Screenshot Competition


There is a reason why people often use the old saying “a picture is worth 1,000 words”. Given the recent renaissance in the flight simulation industry, we now have an endless permutation of add-ons, settings, and visual tweaks. We want to explore and share with the community not only a great images, but also the stories behind them. How did you achieve these results?


1/29/2018 – 2/5/2018 (0500z)

Voting Starts: 1/31/2018

  1. Only registered AirDailyX users may participate.
  2. Each user is only allowed to submit one screenshot per competition. Creating duplicate accounts in order circumvent this rule is a violation of our User Guidelines and will result in your account being suspended indefinitely.
  3. Users are not allowed to re-submit an image from a previous contest.
  4. No editing allowed other than cropping and resizing.
  5. Along with your image, in the description section, please provide applicable information such as add-ons used. Your computer specs would be nice to have, but are not required.
  6. Staff members of ADX and its affiliates will be allowed to submit a screenshot; however, they are not allowed to win.
  7. ADX senior staff will choose the winner of the competition from the top 10 highest voted screenshots.

The prizes will vary from week to week. This week, we are offering the winner:

  • 1 license for FlightBeam Portland (KPDX) – On release date

Previous Winners

Here is a gallery of our previous winners! Congratulations to the creators of these amazing screenshots!