• Probably those people may have tuned out.

      ADX is still the first site of the day at breakfast time, lunch time, tea time, dinner time, before bed time, in-between-flights time, in-flight time, etc-time.

      Great to see you, D’Andre, your sharp analysis of new addons and its backstage stories has been quite missed. 🙂

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      • I think a lot of previous users may well have tuned out – I certainly did, barely looking at the website once a week as compared to at least daily in its previous incarnation. Looking at what seemed to be an ever decreasing number of comments on items in the news pages in Air Daily, I did begin to wonder whether the website was dying a slow death! Hopefully d’Andre’s return and his personality will help to resuscitate this site.

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  1. I know the new team has been doing their best and were trying to fill big shoes but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t missing you D. Your method of exploring and commenting on airport sceneries was one I always personally preferred. While you considered some of your commentary as “useless bantering” I often found it informative and interesting to hear another opinion outside of my own. Your livestream’s made it feel like you were inviting me into your home as a guest to sit for a chat that other livestreams don’t seem to capture anywhere else. Rarely do I sit watching a review with a tea/coffee or neat drink in hand like I used to.
    Nice new site and wishing all the best for 2018 and the AirDailyX team.


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