Heads Up: FSFX ChasePlane Alpha 2.

FSX/P3D. Just a heads up that Tomorrow April 30th at around 2300z, FSFX packages will be migrating to their new server infrastructure which will begin the process of implementing ChasePlane's Community features and will officially serve as the transition to the Alpha 2 stage. The team estimates a 10-20 minute downtime during the transition period (from April 30th 2017 2300z to April 30th 2017 2320z). If you are planning on using ChasePlane during this period, please ensure you have the latest build (0.1.724 or newer) and that ChasePlane is started and running before 2300z. Thanks to Miles Harison for the tipoff. 

The MilViz F4-E Just Got Real... Err... More Real... ish...

FSX/P3D. That's right, as if the Milviz F-4E Phantom II couldn't possibly get any better, they went on ahead and rolled out the Advanced Series Milviz F-4E Phantom II. What does that mean exactly? Well according to MilViz they developed the Advanced Series F-4E to overcome the current limitations present within FSX and P3D such as flight dynamics and systems simulation to provide a more authentic representation of the aircraft. In quick terms, they coded much of the model outside FS to expand it's capabilities as well as enhanced the systems. There aren't too many study level military jets available in FS but this is damn close. Want the real details? Check out the source link below.

Note: The Advanced Series F-4E module is not a stand-alone add-on. It extends the functionality of the MilViz F-4E Phantom II. and as such, that aircraft is required for this release to function. It is also compatible with the existing TacPack add-on for the F-4E, but does not require it. The Advanced Series F-4E module does not function nor is it compatible with the MilViz F-4J/S. Upgrade price is $18.99 USD. 

LatinVFR Barcelona: How You Like Me Now?


FSX/P3D. As mentioned yesterday, I was sure we would be hearing from LatinVFR and they have provided ADX readers with a few exclusives to show just show just how serious they are about this project. Ready for the next part? The scenery is actually complete and in final stages of late beta. So much so that the scenery has reached imminent stage and could be released any day now. LatinVFR assured us that Barcelona would be the most detailed scenery they have ever attempted and just looking at the shots above, they were RIGHT! Now I know Simwings is busy upping their game as well but so far, the winner this time around is quite clear but you decide for yourself. Stand by folks, we will be announcing release very shortly! Hooray for Spain!

Carenado C377H Skymaster HD v2 Released!

FSX/P3D. I think few will argue with me when I say the Carenado Skymaster is one of the best aircraft Carenado ever made. So when they set out to make it even better, that's exactly what they did! Version 2.0 of the Skymaster now includes the following new features:

  • P3Dv3 and Steam compatible
  • GTN integration
  • Cold and dark and Ready for taxi options added.
  • New windows, chome, fuselages reflexes.
  • Taxi and takeoff vibration effect
  • Reality XP integration with 3D Gauges (only for FSX)
  • Fresnel shader maps allow realistic reflections and lighting.
  • Instruments reflections (appear/disappear option).
  • New night lights technology.

The update is free of charge, simply go to your download account or use the original purchase link. Enjoy!

ADX Exclusive: Turbulent Designs WDS MBS! In Beta!

FSX/P3D. This project has been a long time coming and all of you in line for this magnificent scenery have been extremely patient regardless how many emails you sent me over the last couple years. Now as we all know, "The Golden Child" Russ White (more like the Golden Daddy) so known for his Orbx masterpieces ventured out on his own a few years back. The reason was simple, over the years Russ had been building a new vision for his future much like that of Turbulent and as such, Russ and Turbulent make a perfect match. The group and Orbx maintain great relationships and their products seamlessly work together in harmony. On the other side, they all like live in the same city so it was a no brainier!

Now Russ has been extremely busy developing projects alongside MBS lest anyone think he has been dormant. Trust me when I tell you he has been very much active. With all those other products now out of the way this year, Russ has been freed up to focus and press full speed ahead on MBS which has now reached beta stage! All you as the reader need to do is look as those super sick screenshots above! They are insane! I have been teasing you all for years regarding this scenery including in a section of my A2A Comanche review I wrote back in 2015. Well soon MBS will finally be yours! Hang in there, not much further to wait!

Want the full detailed features list? Want even more screenshots? Hit the source link below!!

JustFlight: Updates 4 Products Adds TacPack!

FSX/P3D. First off, JustFlight added TacPack capability added to the Just Flight Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer. The Hawk T1/A FSX and P3D now comes with full Tacpack integration with a variety of guns, missiles, bombs and rockets are now available for TacPack owners to use, along with new working external fuel tanks. Please note that the new TacPack functionality is only available if you have installed the TacPack combat system software from Vertical Reality Simulations. If you have already purchased the Just Flight Hawk, you can log in to your account and download the latest installer to get the new TacPack-compatible software free of charge! If you haven't bought it yet, you'll be pleased to hear that the new TacPack-enabled Hawk is on sale at the same price as the previous version - £29.99 / €37.95 / $44.99. [Details]

Additionally, the DC8, HS-748, & Meteor have all received updates. Click the links below for full change lists:

[DC8] [HS-748] [Meteor]

The Next Discover-US Group Flight On Saturday!

[Group Events] P3D Online Community Group Flight Every Saturday! Everyone is welcome to join! 

What: "Discover-US" Achievement Flights
Where: TeamSpeak @ ts3.digitalthemepark.com
Time: Promptly at Saturday 1500 UTC, 8a PT / 11a ET

AirDailyX, Jetline Systems and DigitalThemePark are thrilled to present to you a series of flights that are fun, pre-planned and lots of multiplayer action that span the United States landscape, including Alaska and Hawaii. After completion, you'll receive a "badge" next to your name in TeamSpeak. These will be flown real time, real weather, real charts with no slewing or time compression.

We do realize there are extenuating circumstances in everyone's busy lives. We don't expect to folks to be available for every flight. We are able to accommodate most everyone's schedule.

We look forward seeing you in our multiplayer skies on Saturday!


AeroFlyFS2 & Orbx, The Details:

FSX/P3D. If you haven't yet be sure to scroll down and see Jarrad's LOWI work in AeroFlyFS2. John Venema has also finally given us the direct insight into the partnership between Orbx & IPACS.

Following many months of planning and collaborative development, Orbxs and IPACS are pleased to announce that both companies will be publishing HD Orbx airports and other regional content for the Aerofly FS 2 simulator. Aerofly FS 2 (AFS2) is a state-of-the-art 64-bit flight simulator which is recognised as having the most efficient and highest performing 3D engine on the market today, with superb lighting and animation support and the smoothest VR experience available for any simulator anywhere.

The first two titles to be published are LOWI Innsbruck Airport in Austria, and KCGX Merill C. Meigs Field in Chicago USA, both which have been faithfully ported and enhanced for the AFS2 platform and even add features like a sloping runway at LOWI. "I am extremely excited about this new emerging sim platform", says John Venema, Orbx CEO. "We have found a development partner in IPACS with the same ideals, passion and professionalism as the Orbx team and these past months have been a pleasure in terms of cooperation and joint creativity".

Dr. Torsten Hans, CEO of IPACS adds; "We're absolutely thrilled to be co-publishing new HD content from Orbx, a company who we have enormous respect for and have been aware of the quality of their work for some time. I am looking forward to further development of this partnership and many new exciting features to come to AFS2".

LOWI and KCGX will be available to purchase from 15th June 2017 on the OrbxDirect.com web store and will be managed by Orbx's FTX Central application for automatic updates. Likewise, for existing IPACS customers who prefer Steam LOWI and KCGX will also be available to purchase from the Steam store as DLC.

Exclusive to Orbx customers who have an OrbxDirect.com account, there will be a 40% discount offered to anyone who has previously purchased those airports for FSX/P3D. Orbx intends to offer this discount for all future content sold across different sim platforms. The discount works both ways, so any customers who purchase the AFS2 version of LOWI and KCGX first, will be offered 40% off for the FSX/P3D version.

LOWI and KCGX will be previewed live at Flightsimcon 2017 in Connecticut from June 10th and will include VR demonstrations as well. If you can't make it out to the con, ADX will be livestreaming some of the content. Watch for more announcements from Orbx/IPACS very soon!

Simwings Barcelona: Stepping Up The Game!

FSX/P3D. Now this is a very interesting one! We knew SimWings would be working on a new version of Barcelona but looking back at at the other v2 projects they released recently, they were indeed needed updates with new features and brought the airports into line with their real world counterparts but that was pretty much about it. SimWings did not appear to be interested in upping the game by doing things like internal modeling. Needless to say, they were unfazed by the El Prat released by JustSim a few months back but clearly, the LatinVFR version has their attention and thus, they are taking a leap forward in lieu of simple updates this time around. No doubt this will be very interesting. I imagine we will see updates from LVFR really soon i'll be keeping a look out. You get the soda, i'll get the popcorn! More via the source link below! 

Aeroplane Heaven Curtiss C-46 VC: First Look!

FSX/P3D. Well I know I said it in the beginning: Aeroplane Heaven has better go all out on this project or go home and thus far, they are going ALL OUT! Today we get a first look at the virtual cockpit of the C-46 and I can honestly say I am impressed so far. Of course we still need to see the cabin/cargo hold and external textures but as of right now, color me happily optimistic! I think I speak for everyone when I say, I can't wait to beat up the Northwest Territories with this beauty! We will need to program in the failures with this one too as after all, with the C-46, falling apart is half the fun! More shots via the source link, thanks to ADX reader David L for the tipoff!

Orbx: "Project A" Well Underway! Here's LOWI!

AFS. Orbx has been very quiet regarding the inner workings about Project A and today we tat a big taste of just one venture Orbx is engaging with it. The other is obviously Meigs field and there are other projects I can not mention just yet. In the mean time Jarrad Marshall has just unleashed his major Innsbruck preview showing us just how top notch the imagery is. And if it's still not clear, we are talking about AeroFlyFS2! 

AeroFlySF2 is a new platform that has immense potential and Orbx is looking to show it off first hand. What's even better is if you own a pair of VR goggles, AFS2 is by far the most immerse simulation out there in VR. As for Innsbruck, Jarrad goes into all the features the scenery will deliver and pricing and if you think all it is, is a portover from the FSX/P3D version think again, this version stands alone and takes advantage of what only AFS2 can offer. Get all the details via the source link below! Very exciting times indeed!    

The bottom line here is, if you haven't been taking AeroFlyFS seriously or never thought to give it a try, it's really time you do! These images speak for themselves and you can fully expect this platform to evolve in the near future. More detail's to come at FlightSimCon2017 where we will be streaming live! Full schedule will be published soon! 

The JF/AP VC10: She Starts To Reveal Herself...

FSX/P3D. As we all know by now, the next JustFlight historic jetliner in cooperation with Aeroplane Heaven is the Vickers VC10 and what do we think of her so far lads? I have been flying the BAC-111 and it's a fun plane to fly. It's no A2A level stuff but it's still fun to enjoy nonetheless. We get so bogged down in systems these days it's nice to still be able to fly something nostalgic and still be a multi engine jet. According to ADX reader Karl Robinson who gave the tipoff on this one, he feels the external modelling is inaccurate. He refers us to the website CBFSIM.co.uk where evidently, the lads over there are not too pleased. What are your thoughts? I am dying to fly her either way... 

Orbx Saanen: A Much Closer Look!

FSX/P3D. This really takes me back to the old FlyLogic days except with a visual quality level that is a thousand times better. I remember my first Mailsoft FlyLogic scenery. It was the brand new Zurich scenery and I found it by chance after extensive searches online for a good LSZH payware. Back then I (in real life) I was passing through Zurich about 12 times a year and was desperate to get a version in FS. No it did not have the brand new Dock E but it was good for it's day till FSDT came along and blew it away. But Zurich was only the beginning and Switzerland has so much to offer for VFR operations and it is a truly beautiful place to fly. Thus I bought all the other sceneries. Many of those sceneries although not bad, really show their age when compared to airfields of equal size from developers like Orbx and 29Palms although Lugano is still really, really good. 

Nerveless FTX PNW still to this day remains my favourite region to fly in followed by FTX NOR but there is no region in mainland Europe than the Alps regions and to see Orbx moving in and tackling these small fields is a delight. Check out the latest from Saaen.