Orbx San Diego: Final Call!

FSX/P3D. When Iain's final shots go up you know release is looming within a matter of days and indeed, Iain's final SAN shots are now online! I am very curious about this first release from Orbx newcomer Matteo Veneziani. From the looks and scale of the project, this was clearly no small feat. If the project is really good, then I'll give him a pass for keeping his shirt off in his profile pic. Orbx is no doubt in the business of progressing into large airports and adding a new level of competition to the marketplace. From dirt airstrips, to mega airports. From global regions to aircraft and multiple platforms, Orbx really is well within the next stages of it's evolution. Check out Iain's last shots and stand by for release! 

The Next Discover-US Group Flight On Saturday!

[Group Events] P3D Online Community Group Flight Every Saturday! Everyone is welcome to join! 

What: "Discover-US" Achievement Flights
Where: TeamSpeak @ ts3.digitalthemepark.com
Time: Promptly at Saturday 1600 UTC, 8a PT / 11a ET

AirDailyX, Jetline Systems and DigitalThemePark are thrilled to present to you a series of flights that are fun, pre-planned and lots of multiplayer action that span the United States landscape, including Alaska and Hawaii. After completion, you'll receive a "badge" next to your name in TeamSpeak. These will be flown real time, real weather, real charts with no slewing or time compression.

We do realize there are extenuating circumstances in everyone's busy lives. We don't expect to folks to be available for every flight. We are able to accommodate most everyone's schedule.

We look forward seeing you in our multiplayer skies on Saturday!


The Circular Runway: Wanna Try In FS?

Almost all of us have seen this video by now about the circular runway idea which for every reason why they say this will work, the exact opposite of each reason can prove why it's not possible. Or at the very least, not rational. If you haven't seen it, check out the video above. Keen to try it for yourself? Soarfly Concepts are working on it right now. Because let's face it, the sim is as close to reality this idea will ever get. Agree? Disagree? Either way, gotta be fun to try!

See [THIS] article for the opposing opinion.

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Coming To FlightSimCon!

FSX/P3D. That's right folks! Reps from all 3 platforms will officially be present at FlightSimCon. That's Dovetail, Laminar, and Lockheed Martin! Along with all the other vendors that have signed up thus far this is the biggest news yet! If you have not registered yet, be sure to do so now as the Sheraton is running out or rooms and space for vendors is also running out! If you wish to exhibit at the event, keep in mind the deadline is April 26th!! FlightSimCon promises to be the largest Flight Simulation event ever for North America with attandees from all over the world and it's an experience you absolutely do NOT want to miss! Register now via the source link below! I hope to see you there! More announcements soon! 

MilViz Beaver: A While Longer...

FSX/P3D. I know many of us are eagerly awaiting the MilViz Beaver which is now currently in beta stage. According to the dev team, the release has been pushed back a month do to things that need to be corrected. It's just a part of the life of simulation software development. But if it's half as good as the T-50 then it will be a stellar aircraft. Sit tight folks! Patience is a viurtue.

FlightBeam MSP Round4 On Deck!

FSX/P3D. And aside from this latest set of exciting shots, Mir says beta is approx 2 weeks away but the tell will be when the night shots arrive which as we all know FlightBeam always nails. Additionally, Mir is noting that all jetbriges will be SODE controlled including the dual jetway and that due to the complexity of the SODE jetway positions, KMSP will not utilise the Ctrl+J option but users will be given the choice of static jetways. I don't need to say how good the latest shots look. See for yourself. Thanks to Sean Karges for the tip! Enjoy! 

JustFlight PA-28R SP2 Released!

FSX/P3D. This looks like the remaining update we were waiting for. I'll be testing this out later today and if all goes well it will be included in the next stream. 

  • ADF gauge logic fixed
  • 'Refill Menu' option added to menu bar
  • FDE improvements
  • Sound-set improvements
  • VOR indicators still functioning when NAV radios are switched off - fixed
  • Manual PDF updated to reflect software changes since release

Navigraph Will Migrate To Jeppsen Charts:

[Utilities] I usually do not do Navigrah updates because we all get the emails anyway and if you are not, you really should! Today's announcement however is rather significant with Navigraph announcing that in the near future, all charts and NavData will be derived from one source and dynamically rendered based on Jeppesen NavData. Using Jeppesen as a provider for all data will ensure synchronized information between airport charts, enroute charts, addon data formats, and any other data displayed in Navigraph apps and software. The enroute charts will also, to a great extent, use the symbology of the enhanced SID and STAR chart format. Chart updates will follow the regular 28-day AIRAC cycle. More information, via the source link below. This is great news indeed! 

MP-Design Working On The UH-19/S-55 & Cabri G2!

FSX/P3D. Out of curiosity do any of you have MP-Design's Gazelle? I still haven't gotten around to purchasing that one yet and am really curious about the flight dynamics. In the mean time, the team is developing UH-19/S-55 Chickasaw and Cabri G2 both of which will fill a nice gap in the helicopter market. With Nemeth seemingly gone from the flight simulation marketplace and MilViz and Virtavia with no new choppers on the horizon, this leaves only ERS and MP to my knowledge. These announcements come from helisimmer.com which is a terrific site for all things helicopters in just about all sim platforms. Thanks to Sean Karges for the tipoff! Time to grab that Gazelle!

iBlueYonder: Beta Testers Wanted!

That's right folks, iBlueYonder, the brand name behind the legendary Bill Womack is looking a few good men/woman to join the beta team! Here's the requirements:

  • Own more than one version of the sim – targets include the original FSX/Acceleration, FSX Steam Edition, and Prepar3D v1, 2, or 3.
  • Have previous testing experience (not absolutely necessary, but nice to have).
  • Take testing seriously, but be willing to have a little fun with it, too.

If interested, follow the source link below!

Is FSX3D Barcelonnette Worth The Price?

FSX/P3D. Well I will get into that in detail later today when I livestream it. But I wanted to show a few shots of just how large and detailed the coverage area is. Full commentary via the livestream later on.

On a side note, I am still using weekends to work on the background projects I have coming up so thanks heaps for your patience and all the emails with news tips! You are all amazing! News is up, happy Monday and I hope you all had a rocking St. Patty's Day!