San Diego: The Next Big Surprise From Orbx! And...


FSX/P3D...another new team member to boot! Introducing Orbx newcomer Matteo Veneziani from Mantua Italy and of all the airports in Italy he could be developing (what is not being developed in Italy these days?) he has choosen to move in on my home turf: Southern California also known as FTX SCA. Just when I think Orbx has had it's fill of California, they pull another Cali treat out of their hat. So before you head over to Orbx and get antiquated with Matteo, let's quickly overview what he is delivering shall we?

Well as stated, it is indeed KSAN, but it is also covering a rather large coverage area which also includes the city itself with custom autogen and buildings as you can see in the many screenshots posted. Oh did I also note the scenery is in beta? 2017, you are shaping up to be a good year! Thanks to ZK for the tipoff! And Matteo, welcome!

Shez's KRIC Richmond Freeware Released!

FSX/P3D. Yeah you know that guy Shez. The dude who brought you Ontario, Long Beach, Philly, the upcoming Detroit (group effort) and many other excellent freeware airports over the years has returned with another gem to add to your destination collection! Welcome to Richmond Virginia, a destination that is deffo a blank spot on the FS map and best of all it's free! So go grab your copy now and enjoy! Source link points to the P3D version for obvious reasons but an easy search will point you to the FSX version as well.

Carenado PA46 500TP Released!

FSX/P3D. All this scenery talk lately it's time to put some focus on aircraft! Aside from Alabeo's PA22 announcement, Carenado is showing up with a Piper on the opposite end of the scale! The best contrast of simple, old, low, and slow with complex, new, fast, and high. Carenado says the Meridian is almost done! Source link for the latest!

ADX UPDATE: Released! 

Aerosoft / KDM Pisa Released!

pisa (3).jpg

FSX/P3D. KDM Entertainment has released their first non Norwegian scenery! Maybe they just needed to get a bit more sun and headed south! Pisa is now available and now I need to find time for yet another livestream! I said January would be a big month for flight simulation and as you can clearly see, it is!! Grab Pisa from Aerosoft today via the source link below!  

Orbx Is Doing...

FSX/P3D. Well now this is different. Orbx developer Richard Bui is introducing a new project called  FTX Auroras which is a global addon that will provide world wide coverage of stratospheric solar effects. FS does have some of these effects built in but Orbx is looking to (as they always do) replace the default with something far more spectacular. Read all about it via the source link below! 

More From Aerosoft's New Game:


FSX/P3D. Some time back last year, Aerosoft announced a new stand alone game called Ready for Take-off which according to Mathijs is something intended for kids that will show them the fun of flight simulation without the frustration. But he also says it's anything but a simple game and there will be expectations for the user to achieve. I am very curious about the engine this is based on. More info via the source link!


Iris Back With More CT-4B!

FSX/P3D. With all the focus and news on all these sceneries that either just did or about to hit the market, it's nice to have some aircraft to balance things out with the A2A Connie and TFDi 717 finally in our hands. Iris has been working on their CT-4B trainer and have produced more screenshots via their facebook page. Additionally, a new update for the Pilatus PC-24 SVJ is now available. You can re-download the fill package or just the update via the source link. 

In Case You Forgot...

FSX/P3D. FSDreamteam is currently working on Charlotte Douglas. Not much to see at the moment other than this latest render. The team has announced a rather ambitious list of airports and updates that will be very interesting to see how long it will take them to accomplish. Lest we forget, FlyTampa has announced basically the entirety of Las Vagas and yet FSDT remains committed. A lotta stuff ahead. We are standing by... 

Washington & Jersey: Drzewiecki!

FSX/P3D. A lot of big stuff coming from Drzewiecki which includes a complete revamp of their NY Airports series as well as the entire Washington D.C. city and Reagan airport. The latest shots show work taking place on the NJ side of the Hudson as well as Baltimore. Looking good thus far from here. More via source link!

Orbx Bilbao: The Second Gander!

FSX/P3D. John Lovell has returned with more screens from the upcoming Bilbao project from Orbx with some first glances of the airfield itself and whereas there's no question about the quality of the surroundings, our eyes are most curious about the airport itself. Certainly it's the centerpiece of this project and the main terminal building is a masterpiece to behold. I am really looking forward to how the sim version compares! We are watching! 

The Riddlez Is Solved. Check This Out!

FSX/P3D. Riddlez Developer Che Ridland has reached out to us about the latest status on Bellingham and he has been reading your feedback. He is in the process of adjusting the colors on the cars which is something many of you pointed out. He is also in the process of putting the finishing touches on the Riddlez website. But what's cooler is an interactive google map that allows you to tour the scenery! Hows that instead of a screenshot?? Release soon! Enjoy exploring the scenery!

Use your mouse to drag the image for 360 views and click the arrows to move about. 

Note: This feature may not work where Google is blocked.