Orbx Announces CAX6 Ganges Water Aerodrome!

FSX/P3D. I'll admit, I don't fly aircraft with skis as much as I probably should and with all these lovely new waterfront destinations popping up around the Pacific Northwest, I'm running out of excuses for not doing so. This is also a posthumous project from the great John Patch and developer Larry R who is seeing it through to completion. No matter for far and wide Orbx goes, they just keep bringing us back home to the PNW. More features and screenshots via the source link and thanks to Racoon for the tipoff!

Gaya Brussels In Full Swing!

FSX/P3D. Now with Genova complete and in everyone's hands (all except mine!) the Gaya Simulations team is now in full swing dedication to Brussles. The team is making good progress which is already leaving me to wonder what might be next? I have been chatting with the team and it looks like North America could be a contender among other places for a next airport. Time will tell. For now, we'll wait for more screens to roll in. 

QW's 787 Finally (Officially) In Beta!


FSX/P3D. Are we living in the future or the present? Because words can not possibly express my excitement over this. between the TFDi 717, the 777 from A2S's upcoming training, and the QW787, I'll be setting up a little bedroom on one of the hard drive bays of my new Jetline rig because I won't have any time for any other aspects of my life... wait... is my wife reading this? Here's what the QW lads had to say on the 787 finally reaching beta:

"The 787 has entered Beta. A big milestone for sure, but we've got alot of hard work still left. As long as some of you think that we are taking with this project, the bottom line is WE ARE STILL GOING AT IT and still pushing through. We'll get there. Thanks you for your patience and thank you for your interest."

Well done reaching this milestone Quality Wings, we are rooting for you and this beautiful plane! Thanks to ADX reader Mitchel Munoz for the tipoff. 

Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports vol.2 Released!

FSX/P3D. The mighty Polish team is back with another set of Polish airports in vol2 of the series which include: Radom Airport, Szczecin-Goleniów "Solidarność", Łódź Władysław Reymont, and Zielona Góra-Babimost. As a fan of Polish airports these are indeed very much a welcome sight and another excuse to whip my Krakow back out! Hey that's 5 top quality airports for just $25 bucks! You really cant beat that espically in an era where we are see a lot of projects emerging out of  nowhere that's nowhere near this good retailing for $18 bucks these days... 

Alright. Time To Discuss This And Time To Spill...

Okay where to even start with this one... As you can see from above we have 3 towers from El Prat. One just released with 2 more on the way and once again we are asking how could this happen. I will address the 3 developers and get down to the bottom of it. Let's start with SimWings seeing as they were the first to develop this lovely airport. 


Released back in December of 2010 if I remember correctly makes this airport nearing 6 years old in age. Now Thorsten has stated that he stated several times in the past that SimWings would be updating all their airports but that doesn't really tell us anything does it? That's a lot of airports that would (is) taking many years to update so it's no surprise that other developers would start moving in almost 6 years later. More to the point though. here's what Thorsten had to say on the subject:

"...it´s really a pitty that other development teams do not head for new airports instead of "rebuilding" good ones like we have seen this several times in the past with a lot of well known airports and dev teams. But we at sim-wings cannot do anything against it, also no other dev team had ever asked us about our development stages of our products or near future plans! Since years we have stated over and over again that we´re constantly reworking ALL of our existing sceneries, Menorca beeing the latest one to be released soon. And sometimes in the past we also had the time to built new ones like Anchorage and Fairbanks or Malaga. As it was perfectly written here, we do not offer "fast food", our development always takes time, a lot of work and care for details and real world operations. Also we always offer our customers a fair discount price to update to the newest version, despite the fact that sometimes for us rebuilding an airport is the same workload like building a new one.

The same double or triple development of other devs will happen with Madrid, Alicante, Paris and elsewhere. And not just our sceneries. We have to face it that other dev teams have a totally different business model and don´t care about what is needed. More about what can be done quickly having a good, allready existing, prototype...

Conclusion: We´ll continue with our (hopefully good) work and cannot care about other devs taking over our projects, as this would mean we have to stop making sceneries at all since there are so many trying to compete with us with our Spanish or other sceneries." -Thorsten

Now quite naturally, I suppose anyone could surmise that Simwings would go back and update Barcelona. The latest updates to Ibiza, Mallorca, & Menorca have been well received with negative responses being with Menorca not having internal modelling which is a modern feature almost all airports of that size with that much glass incorporates.

Yes the updates are nice but not shocking like FlightBeam SFOv1 vs SFOv2 or FlyTampa Dubaiv1 vs Dubaiv2. And with the upgrade pricing, I'm personally quite happy and content with the SimWings updates. But here's where things fall apart and I can't help but point out the hypocritical response Thorsten has made here"...it´s really a pitty that other development teams do not head for new airports instead of "rebuilding" good ones like we have seen this several times in the past with a lot of well known airports and dev teams..." Thorsten, lest we forget, you have done exactly the very same thing here that you are accusing other developers of not once but twice. Yes, I'm talking about Heathrow. 

You knew full well UK2000 would be developing an updated version of Heathrow a few years back and if you didn't know (since the UK is de-facto UK2000 territory) did you at least reach out to him at all? Gary has rebuilt Heathrow how many times now? It's almost common sense. UK2000 won that 1st round qualitywise of the Heathrow remakes but SimWings went back again and not as an update but as a full remake announced AFTER UK2000 announced another full new rebuild of their Heathrow. So what happened there? You clearly stepped on Gary's toes twice and there is no denying this no matter how you look at it. Nevertheless, SimWings won that round as the UK2000 version was really disappointing the this most recent time around. I didn't mention that in the livestream comparison as I wanted to be fair and non judgemental but what the hell, it's been out long enough now. In this case, SimWings is getting a dose of that medicine. Thus, a simple "update" to Barcelona will not be enough. SimWings will need to really up the game if they want something that will actually stand out among the 3. I won't go into to the T2G CDG issue. Let's move on to LatinVFR.


Honestly, how can you blame LVFR in this case? He is looking to move into Europe and wanted to brake out with something big that had not been done in a long time not to mention the SimWings El Prat is a native FS9 product if I remember correctly. Or was it a backport? Either way, it's a 6 year old airport he wanted to create and he just like I never saw anywhere where Thorsten vehemently states "SimWings is currently remaking Barcelona" Now with this announcement, Thorsten could have reached out as well. This case honestly could have gone either way with no side really taking any blame. Here's what Recardo from LatinVFR had to say on the subject: 

"We had no idea in which order was Simwings going to develop the many airports they did in the FS9 era. Saying you will update all is like me saying no body touches SCEL, SGBR, SPIM, SVMI, SPZO, SUMU, MDSD, MGGT...etc because EVENTUALLY I will remake them.  In any case, I understood that eventually they would release their version of LEBL, I have respect to all developers in this community. At this point LATINVFR its fully committed into doing an excellent and finished LEBL, not rushed, not taken out the door quickly. An LEBL at 2016 standards and above. As I told a friend today: 'At this point I am sure I will lose some sales, but I am more thinking on doing an excellent product for posterity. LEBL will be for me the quintessential flagship LatinVFR product'.

So at this point we aren't doing it for the money, certainly we need to pay the bills and feed the family but we will take our time into doing this. And by the state of recent events I have to be honest, we will probably release later than planned because we will get this 110% right, and most importantly a state of the art type scenery, like the one we never produced. That control tower we did, cost me almots a month of development, at that same rate of attention to detail and creativity we will do this detail rich and artistic beautiful airport and city (yes city). We were searching for the right European airport, all were taken, and this one, clearly I must say has grown on me. LEBL now is not only a project, its a personal goal that I have set upon myself, In the end we wish to raise the bar here.

I should state in the coming days a detailed list of features, although by stating them I can also inspire others and motivate them the same way I am right now after learning of 2 developers working on this. By the way did I mention we announced in October? In the end this is a win-win for the FS users"

Now let's look at JustSim. 


I think just about everyone has fucking had it with these guys by now. You all have absolutely no idea how many developers have reached out to me over the last 24 hours. It seems no one noteworthy has any respect for JustSim including myself. You will need to refer back to my last podcast to get the full scoop but if we even give JustSim the benefit of the doubt with Innsbruck, twice in just 4 months? Really? When you look at how these guys rush their sceneries with the same bland recycled textures time after time, it's become quite clear to me these cats are simply in it for the money and that's fine for them, but I also judge developers by how much passion they put into their work as well and JustSim simply has none. They started out that way then abandoned quality for speed. The same thing Taxi2Gate has been accused of. Then you look at the stealing of textures from FlyTampa implemented into their Nice scenery. This information and proof was presented to me directly from FlyTampa. JustSim did remove the textures from the work once called out on it but when you couple that with now twice rushing out a product that they knew full well other developers were working on really shows how sneaky these guys are and just to put the cherry on top, there was the attempt to manipulate me personally in regards to the Innsbruck debacle. That's just too many strikes in such a short period of time.

Many people wonder why many developers work in such secrecy and this is exactly why. Show of hands who remembers Blueprint? Yeah me neither. Well for those who do, you may recall these guys going on an FSDT, Flightbeam rampage a while back. Every time FSDT or Flightbeam would announce a product, they would jump the gun and release the same scenery beforehand several times in a row.. The difference here is nobody cared because their projects were and still are all FS98 quality. Anyhoo, it will be interesting to see what the winner of Barcelona will be but I only see it coming down to LatinVFR and Simwings which i'll happily do a comparison stream once released. As for the JustSim version, I have already forgotten about it.

I'll also be visiting Barcelona for the first time in a few months on behalf on ADX and am really looking forward to seeing this place in real life after years in the sim! 

Hey look! I'm back! 

Your News Is Coming!

Please hang in there! With a new PC comes lots of work gettings up to speed espically when it comes to all the FS addons. Plus as you can see the tree needed my attention. I'll be back up and running full speed shortly plus info on the new build running ADX. Please stand by! 


Okay many of you are dying to know whats inside her so here are a few shots as well as the full specs. Now, naturally this is a Jetline System so it's first and foremost designed for flight simulation. Everything else you throw at it it can process while it's turned off.

  • Processor: Intel i7-6700K OC 4.6ghz
  • Motherboard: ASRock Z170 OC Formula, LGA 1151
  • Memory: 32Gb DDR$ @ 2666mhz
  • Cooling: Corsair Hydro H115i Dual Stage Liquid Cooling
  • Case: NZXT H440 Mid Tower Black/Red
  • GPU: 8GB EVGA Nvidia GeForce 1080 FTW RGB ACX 3.0
  • System Power: 1000 Watt Corsair RM Series
  • Audio: Creative Sound Blaster Z SBX
  • Internal HD 1: 1TB Samsung Solid State
  • Internal HD 2: 500GB Samsung LPDDR2 Solid State
  • Internal HD 3: 2TB Seagate 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s

The monitor is a classic Dell 2k 30". I'll be upgrading to an ASUS 32" 4k Adobe RGB monitor for Christmas. I don't do tv's... 

The Next Discover-US Group Flight On Saturday!

[Group Events] P3D Online Community Group Flight Every Saturday! Everyone is welcome to join! 

What: "Discover-US" Achievement Flights
Where: TeamSpeak @ ts3.digitalthemepark.com
Date: December 3rd, 2016
Time: Promptly at Saturday
1600 UTC, 8a PT / 11a ET

AirDailyX, Jetline Systems and DigitalThemePark are thrilled to present to you a series of flights that are fun, pre-planned and lots of multiplayer action that span the United States landscape, including Alaska and Hawaii. After completion, you'll receive a "badge" next to your name in TeamSpeak. These will be flown real time, real weather, real charts with no slewing or time compression.

We do realize there are extenuating circumstances in everyone's busy lives. We don't expect to folks to be available for every flight. We are able to accommodate most everyone's schedule.

We look forward seeing you in our multiplayer skies tomorrow!


Orbx Announces Catalina: Tim & Ken Are Back!

FSX/P3D. So here's the sad thing. If I got on my bicycle right now from my home, In about 5 minutes I would be on the beach looking at this beautiful island. I see it every day (minus smoggy days) on my way to work driving along the coast and I've flown over it hundreds of times and yet, with many trips to Europe, Dubai, etc. I have never actually been there. Even my kid has been... When Tim Harris told me after Samoa's release he would be developing Catalina, I knew right off the bat it would be amazing. Certainly a different kind of island from PNG and Pago Pago but amazing nonetheless not to mention it's challenging approach and if it's windy, forget it! This is another strike for the FTX NCA region but it's also a standalone product so nothing else from Orbx is required. However, for those of you that might have thought Orbx was done with Cali, think again! Here's the first shots of Catalina island as Jordan King said, Soooooo beautiful. And he's been there...

Avanti, Beaver, Lear, Bobcat, Herc, King, Milviz...

FSX/P3D. And T-38C oh and F-15C... Oh, yeah and the MU-2... let's see what else... I think the Bobcat will be the one that comes before Christmas. The others surely to be 2017 and beyond. You can also note the Lear 60XR has continued development which no doubt answers a lot of questions! And finally we get a look at the Piaggio Avanti VC both of which appears to include this mighty PL21 MilViz has been mastering you know, the system everyone keeps saying can't be done? Well the team has seriously hedged their best on this system with at least 3 aircraft needing it to operate. I really was hoping on another update to the MooToo but I assume that will come after the 350i's release. Speaking of Lear's, I'll have to check on that "other project" i'm only getting like 10 emails a week about it...