Riddlez: Big Future Plans In The Works!

FSX/P3D. As we all know, Riddlez Interactive has been busy developing Bellingham in the Seattle PNW area. Last I heard from the team they were making some enhancements to the scenery based on viewer feedback. I'll need to check back in on the status but in the mean time, the developer has finally completed their new website which looks impressive. But what's even more impressive is the future project announcements the team intends to take o n for the future. Santa Fe we already know about as I announced a few months back but what's even more interesting are the other airports listed which include Dunsfold Park in the UK, Kelowna in Northwest Canada, and Gerald R. Ford airport in Grand Rapids which should pair quite nicely with MBS coming in soon from Turbulent. In the mean time, we will continue to stand by for Bellingham. 

Orbx Pender Harbour: More Love For Seaplanes!


FSX/P3D. The remnants of the great John Patch continue live on through Larry. Together, these guys have transformed the Canadian PNW coastal landscape for seaplane lovers. Larry has continued forward developing scenic detailed seaplane bases and if nothing else, has revived life into aviation water operations. His latest work Nanaimo was quite a hit and now he has moved on to the CAG8 Pender Harbour Seaplane Base. So far by the looks of the first preview images, this looks to be his most detailed work to date. Whip out the water skis folks, I am tuning up my Twotter as we speak! More via the source link. Keep 'em coming Larry, terrific work you are doing!

The Tucano: Apex Is Out, Iris Is In!

FSX/P3D. The saddest thing about running ADX from day to day is seeing some developers that I have introduced to you fail to reach success. Many of you may recall my introduction to a development team named Apex Simulations back in August of 2015. [See Article Here] The team showed immense promise but sadly, they folded or rather they simply pulled their Facebook page and disappeared. They were in talks with Razbam for a while to develop a version for DCS but that may not have gone through either. Sad on both accounts as the Embraer 312 Tucano would be a fun aircraft in FS. Luckily, Iris Simulations has seen the light and has announced development of a Tucano of their own and we know it will be good as all you have to do is look at all the other trainers they have made over the years. So Apex is out but Iris is in! More info as it comes! 

Aerosoft Tahiti X2: "It's not looking good..."

FSX/P3D. Sure the first version of this scenery published on behalf of Aerosoft, was good for it's day. The developer set out to recreate the scenery to the modern standards of 2012 which was okay for 2012 but after Orbx released the Samoa scenery in 2015, it became quite clear, this scenery that has now been in development for nearly 5 years may be falling behind and that's a double entendre.

The work has had few previews since it's announcement leaving many to wonder what exactly is going on with the project and it's developer. The most recent response from Mathijs just 3 hours prior to this post when asked is simply put verbatim: "It's not looking good to be honest, we need to decide on this soon." Indeed Aerosoft is a publisher of products and Aerosoft relies on the developers to get their products to completion. And as a publisher, Aerosoft is known to tow the line to help developers with whatever resources needed to get the job done. In this case however, from here, it's not looking good indeed. Let's hope things get on track... After all, who doesn't love Tahiti? 

DreamFlight Quito: Progress!

FSX/P3D. I think it's been something like 2 years since ADX first announced this project. Why no updates? Because the developer has been working on multiple projects in conjunction with other developers that has been released over that time. Now as we know Aerosoft has released Quito in partnership with the team formally knows as A-Flight, but this version from DreamFlight Studios is the rendition of the new airport as you can obviously see from the modern architecture representing the airport hotel above. I am a huge fan of DreamFlight and if you haven't yet, go grab Liberia and Perpignan right now! Top quality addons from this developer. Last I spoke to him a couple weeks back, he is steam rolling full speed ahead with Quito so hopefully the wait won't be too much longer... if the above shot is any indication of the things to come, then we are in for a real treat! 

Flight1's Cessna 162 Skycatcher: Now Free!

FSX/P3D. I bought this little gem not long after it was initially released. Back then I was simming in P3Dv1.4 back when very few was interested in the platform (or scared of it.. you know... EULA) I found the addon to be a very solid representation of the C162 and even to this day, it still is. The only drawback was the right side MFD was not compatible with P3D and there was to my knowledge no plans to upgrade it. Because of this it has been hangared for years. Well, Flight1 has just released the addon for free and I can tell you first hand it has an updated installer that points to P3Dv3.X. As of this moment, Rafael, my partner in Brasil is testing it. I will report back as soon as it's confirmed to be fully working in P3D. In the mean time, you can give it a shot for yourself because after all, it's free!!! 

Update: Fully working in P3Dv3! There will be no support for the addon. Oh and watch out for dirt buildup on the windscreen! 

MilViz F4-E Gets Major Update:


1: CTDs in P3D versions resolved
2: CTD due to hardware mappings from the AMS resolved
3: AMS hardware mapping system revised so that axis commands are now fully functional along with the Flap Set commands
4: Radar BEACON mode now operational with PPI WIDE/NARROW modes
5: OFFSET bombing mode and TGT FIND modes now operational
6: Cursor Freeze, Target insert, and Cursor Reset controls added to the AMS for OFFSET bombing mode
7: Animation error on torque links on landing gear corrected
8: Various texture bugs corrected
9: Gunsight materials corrected for low visibility conditions
10: Corrupted textures on startup due to cockpit lighting system corrected
11: AMS Updater system introduced for ease of hotfix updates

Airbus Embraces It's Products In Flight Simulation:


This is an interesting one. Airbus has announced it's interest in working closely with the PC gaming industry and wants to encourage development of "flight entertainment" simulations, games, apps, and addons of it's aircraft while ensuring best use of the Airbus brand and image in the process. This means within these relationships, provided Airbus approves of the adddon, they will provide full licensed authorized use for developers and flight simulation enthusiasts. According to Airbus, a campaign will be launched this year to begin communications with developers and begin monitoring product releases. To be clear, Airbus intends to directly approach third-party companies about becoming licensed.  

So if you are making Airbus products for FS be it freeware or payware, Airbus is looking forward to working with you. Now I want to be clear about what developers will need aside from official licensing, and that's direct access to aircraft. When aircraft developers have full unrestricted access to the aircraft they are developing, the better the accuracy. Now the original article does not state how developers should get in touch with them thus I assume they just sit back and wait for the phone call... Nevertheless, it's heart warming to see a major air-framer embrace the development of it's aircraft in flight simulations! Thanks to Quintin Balmand & Mohammed Kaafar for the tipoff.

DigitalDesign Leipzig-Halle Released!

FSX/P3D. My good friend Evgeny Baturin has done it again. Sure it's a bid later than he initially hoped but one thing that is always certain about Digital Design releases is they are always top notch in every category. Evgeny's latest masterpiece takes us to Leipzig-Halle hope of the heavy cargo operations and that famous taxi bridge! Livestream coming up soon, but for now, you gotta go get it!

Eaglesoft Coming Back With A New Citation X!

FSX/P3D. All that said however, it does leave one to wonder where the Challenger and XLS aircraft sitting in the pipeline. Both of those beauties have gone silent as of late. Now as solid as the Eaglesoft Citation is, she is indeed showing her age and I don't think anyone will object to a whole new model. It surely won't be tomorrow so get ready and wait. That said however, this is indeed good news. This tip comes from ADX reader Jay Jamison.

Prealsoft Algiers Released:

FSX/P3D. PrealSoft is one of those developers I love to keep my eyes on and I have been following them for years now. The Algiers project is one I announced 3 or 4 years ago and it's nice to see them get it to release stage. There is not much to enjoy in this region so this is indeed a treat for many. About $23 bucks and it's yours! More shots via the source link. Thanks to Mohammed Kaafar for the tipoff!

Yes Indeed It Was Trondheim!

FSX/P3D. Consider the beans spilled! Evidently ADX Avatar Guy's post was not cryptic enough because many of you correctly guessed it and as a result he did not approve your comments. It's the Norwegian project I told you all was coming for the past 6 months or so. I just got off a Skype call with famed developer Jo Erlund and the beta testing is progressing. I have been enjoying the scenery immensely and can assure you this version of Trondheim Vaernes is indeed everything you have been wishing for. It comes packed with features so good you may not want to depart at all. I'll upload some of my own shots soon but for now you can check out all the official shots via the source link and yes, Jo will be joining me in the livestream once released. Should be fun! Stay tuned!! It's another home run for Norway!

Aerosoft Junkers Ju52/3M Update: FINALLY!!

FSX/P3D. Announced all the way back in 2013 to the pleasure of many Junkers fans like myself, the project has been extremely silent over the years leaving many to wonder what the status is. Several hours ago Mathijs Kok released a set of screenshots denoting the aircraft is still in initial rendering stages which is enough to surmise it will be another year wait at the very least. All we can do is wait and hope she will be as good as we all hope she will. See the leatest via the source link.

CeraSim: New Site, New Rotor Birds. You Choose!

FSX/P3D. We honestly just don't get as many helicopters as I would like these days. With Nemeth Designs seemingly gone, I always thought Alabeo would stand in seeing as they did so well with the R66 but that seems like a one off project. MilViz is REALLY good but none in the visible future as far as I can see. There are a few others out there but most notable is CeraSim, who released the AS365 which is now officially for P3D. I had been waiting for that update before taking the plunge and now there is nothing to stop me! The developer has just opened their new website with a poll for future project developments. It looks like this highly talented team is here to stay! As for the next project, head over to Cerasim and put in your choice! Thanks TO AG for the tipoff, now I'm off to grab that AS365!