Some Naples I Missed!

FSX/P3D. Not sure how I missed these but 3 shots posted last month of the MK Studios Naples shows the most detailed imagery of the scenery yet and quite frankly they are not bad! Not sure how the other projects from MK are shaping up but indeed this project is coming out nicely. Very curiously about night lighting. We are keeping an eye on it! 

Drzewiecki Design Washington X Released!

FSX/P3D. The Polish team has done it! In comparison to their Moscow and NYC city sceneries, Washington is their best yet including numerous landmarks, helipads, airports, and more! Sprawling across a massive coverage area and highly detailed rendition of Reagan National, we haven't seen anything this big since FlyTampa's Dubai! We are planning for livestream, but in the meantime you can grab the scenery for about $32 bucks. Thanks to several readers for the tipoff. Enjoy your new toys for the weekend! 

Vidan Design Billund Released!

FSX/P3D. And just in time for Lego Batman! Coincidence anyone? I have been preaching for years that Vidan Design is an impressive developer that really pays close attention to detail and really puts all of his efforts into his works which is why I have been also been preaching that it's about time he delivers something bigger in scale and he has done it! It has taken him quite some time while also releasing other projects in the background but nonetheless this is quite a feat for the Danish developer. Billund is now available and for the livestream, I will also be looking at some of his older works and giving viewers a little of a tour leading up to this masterpiece. Stay tuned for details. For now, go grab it and thanks to AG & Morten Eriksen for the tipoff!

The Next Discover-US Group Flight On Saturday!

[Group Events] P3D Online Community Group Flight Every Saturday! Everyone is welcome to join! 

What: "Discover-US" Achievement Flights
Where: TeamSpeak @
Time: Promptly at Saturday 1600 UTC, 8a PT / 11a ET

AirDailyX, Jetline Systems and DigitalThemePark are thrilled to present to you a series of flights that are fun, pre-planned and lots of multiplayer action that span the United States landscape, including Alaska and Hawaii. After completion, you'll receive a "badge" next to your name in TeamSpeak. These will be flown real time, real weather, real charts with no slewing or time compression.

We do realize there are extenuating circumstances in everyone's busy lives. We don't expect to folks to be available for every flight. We are able to accommodate most everyone's schedule.

We look forward seeing you in our multiplayer skies on Saturday!

Next In Line From AP!

FSX/P3D. Aeroplane Heaven is adding another aircraft to the queue. The interesting thing about this team is their releases can really be hit & miss with mixed reactions at best with some of their releases. That said however, I think mostly everyone will agree AP's WW2 war birds are always the best offerings from this team. The Corsair was a pretty solid release and I think the upcoming Helldriver will follow in that regard. The first renders are here, have a look!

Did You Get JAX Yet?

FSX/P3D. It's an incredible scenery and in cased you missed it, check our YouTube page for the livestream archive. CieloSim has released the update 1.1 earlier this month addressing all of the issues pointed out in our preview such as: AFCAD (dirt effect), AFCAD (runway numbers), Terminal (GAP, flipped sign, AFCAD (gate issue), Animated jetways, Flickering jetways, Night directional signs not seen when taxing, VAS texture size fix, Internal model fix, Runway markings on taxiway M3. If you purchased through you can download KJAX 1.1 via your online account ( If you purchased from another vendor please submit a support request through this link ( and they will provide you with a download link. Please make sure to read the updated manual as it discusses how to activate the animated jetways. If you encounter any issues with 1.1 please make sure to submit a support request.

SimClouds: A New Weather Program Coming?

FSX/P3D. Over in the French Forum Pilote-Virtuel, I person is introducing his team which he says is called: NewDimensions and the first first product to market from this teal will be a new weather system called SimClouds for FSX and P3D. He goes on to say the product has been in development for a year and will be the first time for a program to break the FSX/P3D weather limitations. Now this is translated from French but here is the gist of it:

"The program is expected to have completely new cloud models and textures with true thickness and color depiction for each variant of clouds depending on their density which is over 300 models & 3000 textures. Many errors have been corrected (what errors?) to bring you an exceptional visual experience with "unbelievable performance" even in dense weather situations. Say goodbye to the actual weather rendition!

New clouds for FSX/P3D never seen before such as Nimbostratus, Stratocumulus, Altostratus, AltoCumulus, Cirrostratus and Cirrocumulus, all variants of Cirrus and of course Cumulonimbus and it's terrific supercells ! We also have represented precipitation wall from below the Clouds.

Complete new moon effect at dawn, dusk and night. Never seen before in FSX/P3D. One analyzing engine to analyze the current weather to adapt the correct models and textures based on different settings ( Humidity, temperature etc... But also region of the world ) and will automatically update the models and textures throughout your flight. This engine will be fully compatible with all existing weather engines! Much more to be added in the coming week, after we start the beta testing. This product will be payware and We expect a price of around 25 Euros. Stay tuned for the complete list of features and I let you now discover only a few samples, there is a lot of competition! Screens taken from P3Dv3 without HDR."

No website as yet the link below is all we have for now. Thanks to ADX reader Stephane Tasso for the tip and translation. More info via the source link.

Richer Simulations St. Kitts Island Released.

FSX/P3D. Taxi2Gate created the airport and Richer Simulations has done the rest. No word if the PR coverage is compatible with the T2G scenery however I'll assume the developer will stop by and leave a comment if it is. Scenery features include: 261 square km of photoreal covereage, 0.5m/px to 30cm/px photoreal terrain resolution, Custom 19m mesh, Over 450,000 custom autogen shrubs, trees, buildings and lights, Advanced Night illumination: building windows and street lights, Surrounding reef textures ,Road traffic, Scenery Configuration manager. You can grab it for $14 bucks.

PhotoRico Isla Grande Airport Released!

FSX/P3D. Are you a fan of LatinVFR's San Juan airport scenery? If you are, and familiar with the runway 10 approach, you may have noticed a little airfield off to your right while on final. That'sIsla Grande Airport. The scenery has been developed to fully work with and enhance the LatinVFR scenery. Price is $22 bucks you can grab it via the source link below. Congrats to PhotoRico on another release! 

FranceVFR Languedoc-Roussillon Up Next:

FSX/P3D. Honestly I have completely lost interest in in FranceVFR and their products. The airports are the same quality as they were 10 years ago and given that Orbx has basically stampeded all over Europe with Global, OpenLC, and upcoming full regions. Now you may say FVFR products may have greater accuracy, but consider this: you have to purchase each one of these sceneries separately that only cover regions in France for 15-35 euro a piece plus VAT (for EU folks) whereas with Orbx you still get a stunning landscape that covers all of Europe. It's just hard to justify FranceVFR anymore. But I know many of you still feel differently so here it is> More shots via the source link.  

Drzewiecki Washington X: Final Call Folks!

FSX/P3D. This is it folks! The last previews before release. According to the team, the massive scenery release is set for Saturday this weekend. Livestream? Well absolutely! Here's a quick rundown of features, more mouth watering shots via the source link.

• Washington, D.C. scenery with about 1500 custom-made buildings incl. whole downtown in 3D plus other landmarks, bridges, stadiums, harbors/marinas and other objects, all with night textures
• Large scenery area (McLean – Newington – Cheltenham - College Park) with night and seasonal textures and a detailed autogen
• Detailed scenery of KDCA Washington National Airport, with terminal interiors, detailed ground markings, wet asphalt at rain, SODE animated jetways, static aircraft etc.
• Lite sceneries of KADW Joint Base Andrews, KCGS College Park Airport, KVKX Potomac Airfield and W32 Washington Executive Airport with custom-made all airport buildings and realistic ground poly layer.
• Many helipads and heliports including White House, KJPN Pentagon Army Heliport, KBOF Joint Base Anacostia–Bolling, MedStar Washington Hospital, Washington DC Police Department Air Support, US Park Police Anacostia Operations Facility, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Walter Reed Emergency Heliport and Georgetown Hospital
• Highly advanced performance-friendly design, numerous optimization techniques used as well as the Lite Texture Pack provided

Hey ADX Aussie Readers:

FSX/P3D. OZx is alive and cracking! I've said it before, this website is a tremendous resource for really cool downloads from repaints to scenery. If you are a fan of Australian bush flying and airfields, a good team of developers have been putting in a lot of work to deliver you much more to enjoy! For free! Here is a rundown of what's going on down under:

Recent Releases:
YSBK – Bankstown Airport,- By By Robert Fluke, Ben O'Donnell and Garry Moore
Sydney’s Major GA Airfield just west of Sydney international Airport
YBHI – Broken Hill Airport, New South Wales, - By Craig Hanley
Home of the Royal flying doctor service

Currently in BETA (Hopefully released within the week)

YBMA – Mount Isa airport including town and mines, Queensland - By Robert Fluke
Large Mining town in North West Queensland that see's a lot of B717 traffic from Qantaslink as well as services from their q400 and by other airlines such as Virgin Australia and Rex to places such as Brisbane, Cairns and Townsville
YDPO – Devonport Airport, Tasmania - By Robert Fluke
Regional Airport in northern Tasmania which see's roughly 3 Qantaslink q400 flights a day from Melbourne International

Currently in Development

YBWW – Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport, Queensland - By Robert Fluke and Garry Moore
Australia's Newest Airport which opened in November 2014 and see's regular services from Airnorth with E170's, Qantaslink Q400 and REX Saab340, while a B747-800 cargo service is run weekly by Cathay Cargo
YBSU – Sunshine Coast Airport, Queensland - - By Robert Fluke
Major Australian Holiday destination just a couple of hours drive north of Brisbane which See's regular B737, B717 and A320 traffic by Virgin Australia, Qantaslink and Jetstar from Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide along with Seasonal international flights by Air NZ from Auckland using A320
YPKS – Parkes Regional Airport, New South Wales - By Craig Hanley
Regional Airport serviced by REX with regular services to Sydney and Bathurst

In Case You Missed It: I Did...

FSX/P3D. FlightSimLabs released another update regarding the A320. It's pretty lengthy so i'll let you read up on it via the source link. Additionally, I am hoping to share some more really exciting news regarding FlightSimLabs soon. I'll need to check back with Leftaris to get an update on that. In the mean time look into the update, all you need is via the source link and thanks to ADX reader "rick roll" for the tipoff. Really?? Getting caught up with the emails!