Glowingheat Lockheed A-12 Cygnus Released:

FSX/P3D. For some reason, the military and reconnaissance aircraft from Glowingheat have flown under my radar for nearly 5 years. What caught my attention today was the release of their A-12 that seems to have a list of some pretty impressive features. But for a price tag of $30 bucks, it had better be really damn impressive. Any of you have experience with Glowingheat? More info via the source link.

MV Beaver Accessories Incoming!

FSX/P3D. Now that the MilViz beaver is here, it's time to accessorize. After all, the DHC-2 is a venerable aircraft capable of fulfilling many roles. In the upcoming payware addon kit, the barn stol, straight floats, and crop duster variants will be added. If you would like to try your hand at getting the addon kit for free, you can enter the MV Beaver Screenshot contest. Tag it #floatsandstol & send MilViz the link. If the boss picks yours, you win the new addon. Send your entries to and good luck! Contest ends midnight 01/07 EDT. For the rest of us, we look very much forward to the upcoming addon kit! 

Those Airport Dudes Making Progress...

FSX/P3D. A solid 6 months since I reported on the Airport guys. Last I checked in on the team they were working on Virginia's Tazewell County Airport. There have been a few updates since then as well as some collaboration with Hangarcerouno. That name sound familiar? That's because Hangarcerouno is the team behind that G-159 I have been covering for years now. At the moment it appears the team is busy developing static models for object libraries some of which TAG will use in upcoming sceneries. Or at least that's how it seems. Check out Hangarcerouno's developments [HERE] for more on The Airport Guys check out the source link below.

Upcoming Livestreams!

[Livestreams] I am working on the FlightSimCon interview videos as we speak. FYI upcoming streams are still in P3Dv3. v4 streams will come soon as I add that extra 1TB SSD EVO which is still a month away. My P3D beta was on a 7200RPM which is fine short term but not long term. Everyone should be using SSD's now.

  • WAMA: TBD will be displayed in P3Dv4 (Many recently released aircraft will be previewed in this stream)
  • Drzewiecki Design Moscow/Washington D.C. TBD
  • MilViz Beaver: Awaiting addon kit release.
  • Battle of the El Prat's: JustSim/LatinVFR/Simwings [Pending SimWings Release]
  • Bird dog vs Bird dog: Sibwings vs Blackbox Cessna's [Imminent]
  • Flightbeam Studios MSP [Imminent]

Turbulent Designs Idaho Falls: Now THAT'S Quality!

FSX/P3D. This team is seriously no joke when it comes to detail. Just look at every project that they have released to date especially when you go back and look at all the works they delivered under the Orbx brand. Now I have heard nothing but the best things from the FS community regarding the MBS release earlier this month (I simply love it) and in looking at the latest shots of KIDA, from the ground textures, to modeling, to a parking lot worth dying for, Turbulent has rocketed to the top. Now I am only sharing one screenshot here on ADX because I want you to head over to Turbulent, check out the site, and consider signing up to their forums while you are there. And who know, maybe you will be compelled to to pick up a copy of Angwin or Big Bear. More via the source link. Enjoy! Thanks to Racoon for the tipoff!

FranceVFR Makes Future Platform Decisions...

P3D. FranceVFR is the next developer to publicly state their direction regarding the multi platform generation we are in. As always they cater only to French audiences so I have translated the the most important bullet points as best I can. Now they state these decisions are not 100% final but this is the direction they are going in: 

  • They are backing P3Dv4 100% and have decided to cut the cord on 32bit platforms. This basically means goodbye FSX and and older versions of P3D moving forward. That said, they will continue products currently in development for FSX and P3Dv3 until the end of next year to allow the gradual transition for users to migrate to P3Dv4. They will also provide upgrade discounts. 
  • FlightSimWorld and AeroflyFS2 are out will not see any development from FranceVFR. However, they plan to dabble with X-Plane11. 
  • After next year, all future releases will be P3Dv4 native and they state no updates are needed for all current products to move into v4.

There is more information there but this solidifies that devs are moving rapidly towards P3Dv4, away from FSX, and not towards FSW. Interesting. I'm waiting for the next developer statement to drop. See the full statement from FranceVFR via the source link below.

JustSim Dusseldorf Released!

FSX/P3D. I'll be honest, I was a little upset with JustSim last year not just because of the poinhts noted in my podcast (that's coming back btw) but also because I felt the quality level was starting to drop off. Rushing sceneries, bland textures... The very first release JustSim put out Strigino, really proved to me that this new developer (at the time) showed immense promise. But I think at some point along the way, Andrey lost sight of it. Looking at the just released Dusseldorf however, I can honestly say I am impressed. The attention to detail has returned. He is still working fast but it's a clear step up from the Barcelona. Being fast with releases can be a $$$ business model, but taking ones time and putting focus on the details goes a lot further with this community. 

From my German people, how did you all like Hamburg? I hear the feelings were mixed. As for Dusseldorf, I would really like to hear your feedback. I just might have to add this to the livestream list. JustSim Dusseldorf is now available for about $23 bucks. Not bad at all. And finally we got Dusseldorf back which is an airport that has been wayyyyyy overdue. Sorry GAP, you are loosing your market share you dominated for so long. Now HDR may be fun for flying and fancy screenshots but not so much for the product page as details get lost in those dark photos. I have selected a few shots and removed the HDR effect. There is a video on the product page as well. My next German airport request? Münster-Osnabrück!!

Let's Check In: ImagineSim Singapore!

FSX/P3D. Alongside updating their entire catalog to P3Dv4, ImagineSim has indeed been well underway on the second version of Singapore which promises to be the most detailed ImagineSim project to date. The dev team has been steadily releasing screenshots from the project. I'll look into getting us some higher res photos. In the mean time we can rejoice that SIN is finally returning for 2017. Can't wait to see it under v4's dynamic lighting! Here's the latest! 

Godzone: KickStarting It's Future With You!

FSX/P3D/AFS/FSW/XPL. If you have never heard of Godzone Virtual Flight, then now you have. Godzone is the land of New Zealand and it's architect Robin Corn has been dedicated to New Zealand for many years delivering some of the most immerse landscape experiences in the whole of flight simulation. Robin is now looking to the future of Godzone and he is giving the FS community the opportunity to join him in his next big step. We are now in the age of muli-platforms and Godzone wants to develop for them all which include FSX/P3Dv4/AeroflyFS2/FlightSimWorld/XPlane11.

Robin is looking to raise $7,237 by July 20th 2017 to fulfill all our dreams in seeing New Zealand become so much more in virtual form. Interested in becoming a part?

AirDailyX will be donating. Let's all help Robin take his vision to the next level! Thanks to ADX reader John Pierce for the tipoff! For more information about Godzone in general and various products, visit the source link below. I have included the campaign on the Daily News sidebar so this does not get lost and we can continue to follow progress. 

Update: Almost 50% Through!

Carenado Announces The 690B Turbo!

FSX/P3D. I knew it was coming! It was a natural guess this would happen sometime after the Shrike. Finally we can put down that Veneaviones' AC690 Turbo Commander freeware that has served us so well over the years! The first screenshots are live! The wait shouldn't be too long. I'm looking forward to the panel shots. More shots via the source link! 

Turbulent Designs: Time To Look Ahead.

P3D/XPL. A few days ago, the Turbulent Designs team announced upcoming product updates to get in alignment with P3Dv4. Now considering the many vast platforms currently available (more than in the 1990's) we can expect more developers over the coming year or so are going to have to make some tough decisions and Turbulent is getting in ahead of the game. In their statement that state that they have reached the conclusion that the moment has come to start limiting the number of platforms that they will develop for which means the upcoming Idaho Falls will be the last airport scenery for what are now "legacy platforms" FSX, FSX-SE, P3D v1, 2.x and 3.x.

Line the majority of the development community, Turbulent sees the logical platform for continued development it Prepar3dv4 and as such, it represents their primary focus for the time being. In addition, the team also announced development plans for X-Plane11. No mention of FlightSimWorld at this time. For the full statement, visit the source link below. 

SimWings Barcelona: Just The One.

FSX/P3D. The latest screen comes from the portion of the project displaying the city. Now if you want my opinion (maybe you don't) but I personally believe Simwings had no intentions of including features like internal and city modeling. I'd imagine competition from the likes of JustSim and LatinVFR has forced SW to step up their game. I only wish they went this far with the Menorca update which was good but not THIS good. I thinking an El Prat, vs El Prat, vs El Prat, vs El Prat livesrteam is in order! Oh? What's that fourth El Prat? Well the actual airport of course. I'm heading down there soon to see which developer got it done best!

FS:EE Is Back Online. So How Does It Work With v4?


Here are the bullet points to consider:

  • It is an early version and advanced protections are not yet available.
  • Because of changes to Prepar3D v4 configuration files, it is possible that some addons will corrupt them during installation. Please report them on the forum to help us identify extent of the problem.
  • Last, but certainly not least: please do make a regular backup of your PC. Forcing old software onto Prepar3D v4 comes with an elevated risk of data corruption, which can be effortlessly mitigated with backups. There are a lot of tools for easy backup and recovery. For example, those who have Western Digital hard drives can use the excellent Acronis True Image for free.

Now there is no doubt the Flightsim Estonia Migration shares quite a bit of responsibility for P3D's success over the years in getting most of users addons to unofficially yet successfully work in past variations of P3D. But how this pertains to v4 seems to be something the team is working on. I'd be cautious this time around and keep an eye on the FS:EE forum as they move forward. Thanks to Ross G for the tipoff!