MilViz Beaver: Watch Live Before Release!

FSX/P3D. The MilViz DHC-2 Beaver will be released tomorrow Friday May 25th @ 2100! But you can watch the aircraft in action live here on ADX Friday @ 0700z. That's only 2 hours from the time this post was written. So if you are hungry for this legendary airplane, join us right here on the Daily News page and at source link takes you to the product page where you can spam the refresh button for release! 

Update: Apologies to everyone who tuned in tonight. And thanks to Colin for coming on.  I looks like my sound card has died which explains the issues in tonight's and yesterday's P3D streams. All streams are  hereby canceled for the time being.  I will purchase a replacement which will have to come after vacation. 

In the mean time, Josh will broadcast the Beaver later today at roughly 1800z! Cheers.

Aeroplane Heaven Announces The DHC3!

FSX/P3D. Okay I have to ask, the Aerosoft Twin Otter team, where the hell are those guys??? I really hoped they would have been the ones to deliver this little gem. After all, the Twotter series they released a few years back is such an amazing aircraft I can only try and imagine what they are working on right now. Anyhoo the torch goes to the Aeroplane Heaven team who have announced the DHC3 which should be great news for those waking up to this post with the morning coffee! To Aeroplane Heaven, MAKE US PROUD! As for that other Otter, livestream soon! 

Upcoming Livestreams This Week:

I'm getting a little break in the madness to get caught up on things released and things upcoming. This Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday the plan is to cover the following products:

  • Digital Design Leipzig Halle: [COMPLETED]
  • Aerosoft Trondheim Vaernes: TBD
  • Turbulent Designs MBS: TBD
  • WAMA: Where Are My Aircraft: Tuesday (Planned Late Night Stream Time TBD)
  • Drzewiecki Design Moscow/Washington D.C. Aiming for Wednesday
  • Prepar3Dv4 x64: Aiming For Tuesday @ 1700z (will be joined by: Jordan King, and developers from MilViz, Flightbeam Studios, TFDi, and FSFX. )
  • MilViz Beaver: TBD squashing last bugs
  • LatinVFR Barcelona Aiming for Wednesday

I will also feature recently released aircraft in these streams. Now I do need to disclaim that I can not guarantee I will be able to get to all these products. Some I am awaiting permission on and others will include their respective developers live schedules permitting. This is just an FYI of what I am working on in the background and you should keep checking back to see what will officially be on the list and when those broadcasts will start. I'l taking a break from work to do more work... oh the irony! 


Stream will begin at 1000z apologies for this morning folks. At the very lease you all knew I was not bluffing. But the delayed start is completely my fault. The developers are here and it's a stream you will not want to miss. See you all online shortly.


Dovetail Planning To Implement trueSKY Into FSW?

FSW. Who would have thought FSX after all these years could be bent and flexed so thoroughly far in the manner of which it has over the years with P3D and FSW going far beyond what every one thought possible with a platform many thought was limited to such an old core code. We have also learned that modules that can be implemented in various modern gaming and graphic platforms could also be adapted in to what is essentially still FSX. One example of this is the Speedtrees used in P3D.

Looking at FlightSimWorld, outside the lovely rain effects, updated environmental lighting, and the x64 environment, it still looks and feels like FSX. P3D feels quite a bit different due to the wave animation, HDR, and addons like PTA and Ultimate Realism pack. But at the end of the day, you are reminded that these platforms are still derivatives of FSX in many ways. One thing however that Dovetail may or may not be integrating into FlightSimWorls is the trueSKY application commonly used in Unreal Engine. 

So why am I under the impression that Dovetail may be underway with this? Will many may consider this a long shot but I have been getting emails from users notating that they have found a folder labeled trueSKY in the mail FSW folder in Steam Common as shown in the picture at right.

Additionally, here is a excerpt of the latest update from the Dovetail Games team in the link shown you will also note Avsim forum members asking about trueSKY. These queries have gone unanswered as of now:

In the video below you may recall Stephen Hood discussing his plans to completely rework the sky and weather engine in FSW:

If indeed this is a plan by Dovetail, this could change the dynamic of Flight Sim World which is currently getting mixed reviews at best. Thus the real question is how will this work as a complete integrated weather engine. Will it include active METAR weather data? Cloud Shadows? As well as effects like hurricanes and tornado's? The questions are honestly endless as far as how this engine could change or enhance weather in the simulation if true. Lets not forget that the the platform is still in early access stage and anything could happen between now and the official release. Take it with a grain of salt for now. Thanks to several readers for bringing this to our attention. For more information about trueSKY visit the source link below. 

Carenado 390 Premier 1A Continues Progress...

FSX/P3D. It's almost as if Carenado and Alabeo are collectively going after all the old Eaglesoft favorites and if the Premier is any indication that any of this is even remotely true then i'd have to imagine the team will also go after the Citation X in due time. Meanwhile lest we forget, Eaglesoft is in the midst of a new Citation X among their current in-development lineup. Thanks to David L for the tipoff! 

Orbx Bilbao: Gotta Say, Impressive!

FSX/P3D. The city along with it's airport centerpiece is really coming along nicely. This project indeed no small feat but it's a location that deserves the attention. Spain in another one European country that deserves top notch attention to detail and the developers are focused. Lots of new shots of Bilbao are now available... however... there is one major detail on the main terminal I have yet to see added. I wonder if the developer will catch what is missing... Hmm...